Fair Housing Truths and Myths: Is That Illegal? 


Monday, April 15  1:00 PM

Description of the Webinar

This webinar will cover a broad overview of the Fair Housing Act, who and what it protects, and who and what it does not. This webinar will go over real life scenarios and discuss if actions are prohibited by the Fair Housing Act.



Target Population for Audience

Housing advocates, case workers, housing and shelter providers,

Name of Presenter(s)

Kellie Maki Foster, Attorney

Kellie Maki Foster is the Detroit Eviction Prevention Director at Lakeshore Legal Aid. Kellie has been a legal aid attorney for 17 years serving communities in Metro Detroit, the region surrounding Lansing, and Toledo, Ohio. She manages a staff of 60 attorneys, law students, legal assistants, and support staff who are dedicated to representing Detroit residents in housing cases. Kellie serves on the Michigan Supreme Court Justice for All subcommittee on summary proceedings, the State Planning Body committee on housing, and the Detroit Right to Counsel Coalition. Kellie is a member of the MCAH Board of Directors.