9th Annual Breakfast of Champions

Each year,  MCAH recognizes the exceptional work happening across Michigan in the work to prevent and end homelessness. This is our opportunity to celebrate the champions who make a real difference in our communities and the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

2023 Breakfast of Champions

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Community Champion

Amy Brown

Executive Director of the Central Community Development Corporation

The Noah Project


Advocacy Champion

Genessa Doolittle

Oakland County Health Division


Volunteer Champion

Amanda Hart, Executive Director

The Giving Barn


Data Champion

Jean Griggs

Wayne Co. Neighborhood Legal Services


Homeless Awareness Month

Ryan Hannon

Goodwill Northern Michigan

Congratulations To Our 2022 Champions

Homeless Awareness Month:
NEMSCA Homeless & Prevention Team

Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency’s Homeless & Prevention team took a different approach to homeless awareness month for 2021. They organized, hosted, and participated in a homeless sleepout. They collected monetary donations for their program along with items that could be directly utilized for move-in supplies for newly housed participants in the areas that they serve. Throughout the evening they spoke with homeless individuals and aided local community members raising awareness of what rural homelessness in NE Michigan is and the barriers that individuals and families are faced with while being homeless.


Legislative Action Committee: Laurel Burchfield

Laurel has exemplified the work done through, and on behalf of, MCAH’s Legislative Action Committee. Her leadership was instrumental in the creation of the LAC and its operation from its inception until her departure from her position. Within her focus of public policy, Laurel strived to advance the work of the committee, especially relating to its policy priorities of: Increasing Access to Affordable Housing; Decreasing Barriers for Persons Enduring Homelessness; and Reducing Racial Bias & Inequities.


Public Policy: Sen. Jeff Irwin

Senator Irwin has spent his entire political career working to increase affordable housing options, implement criminal justice reform, decrease poverty, and ultimately work to improve the conditions of those who are lowest-income and most vulnerable in communities across the state of Michigan. Specifically, he sponsored Senate Bills 254 and 255, Source of Income – Though some local municipalities have source of income protections within their non-discrimination ordinance, because the state of Michigan does not have a nondiscrimination law for a renter’s source of income, landlords across the state are able to reject potential tenants based on how they plan to pay for rent.


Community Service : Dawn Kajdas,
Capital Area Community Services

Dawn is the Housing Specialist for Capital Area Community Services in Clinton County. Dawn has served her community for 22 years, helping hundreds of individuals and families secure housing through the Rapid Rehousing program. Dawn works tirelessly for those in need of housing and because of that many have either avoided homelessness or experienced only a brief period of homelessness. Dawn has developed an excellent relationship with local landlords so when she recommends someone for a housing unit, they respect her judgment and respond positively.


Volunteer: Julia Anne Miller & Martin Mashon
Punks with Lunch

Punks With Lunch conducts organized outreach activities every other Saturday at Reutter Park and the Greater Downtown Lansing area. They provide Harm Reduction – safe use and other supplies (e.g. Narcan, food & water, winter wear, personal hygiene healthcare and wellness products, tents and sleeping bags, and much more) to those in need.


Data: Jeremy Weinrick

Jeremy has been a champion of data for many years and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. In the ever-changing world of HMIS performance standards and system improvement Jeremy has been a leader in his community. His understanding of the importance of data quality and innovative use of that data has given him the tools to improve and streamline service delivery in Region 8. State partners have recognized his commitment to reliably produce quality reports and commend him for his efforts.



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