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8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday

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15851 S. US Hwy 27, Ste. 315
Lansing MI 48906

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(517) 485-6536

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(517) 485-6536

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Chief Executive Officer, Eric Hufnagel

Manager of Partner Training, Support, & Engagement
Allison Green

Communications Manager
Amy Stephenson

Director of Public Policy
Lisa Chapman

Director of Finance and Administration
Christine Corbett

Director of Programs and Personnel
AmeriCorps Program Director

Kelli Beavers

Assistant AmeriCorps Program Director
Eric Krogsrud

Manager of Authentic Engagement
Ashia Wilson  

Director of Development
Bob O’Hara




Director of Data Initiatives
Gerry Leslie

HMIS HMIS Project Specialist
Jesse Sanderson

HMIS Sys Admin II
Elizabeth Graham / Beth Hurkman

HMIS Sys Admin II
Jill Shoemaker

HMIS Sys Admin II
Kaity Hemgesberg

HMIS Sys Admin II
Thurston Alexander-Smith

HMIS Sys Admin II
Lyn Raymond

HMIS Sys Admin II
Sara Platek