During the 2021-222 state legislative session, MCAH will dedicate our policy work towards finding state solutions to both increase access and decrease barriers to safe, affordable rental units for individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their home.


Increase Housing Assets

  • Eviction diversion program continuance after Covid Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) funding is exhausted
  • Dedicated revenue source that is sustainable and renewable to MI Housing & Community Development Fund (MI Housing trust Fund)
  • Increase landlord engagement, outreach and partnership to access existing rental units
  • Risk mitigation fund development, funding, advertisement and implementation

Decrease Barriers to Housing

  • Source of Income protections laws enacted, education promoted and outreach to Landlords
  • Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) regulations and policies relaxed to enable more people to qualify
  • Promote sources of income for low-income person (EITC, SNAP, etc.)

Reduce Racial Bias and Inequities in Homeless Response System

  • Strive to address racial disparities in homeless response
  • Include authentic participation wherever possible of persons with lived experience (item from state CTEH plan)
  • Utilize and examine data to determine trends, impact of policies, gaps