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Agency Overview

TrueNorth Community Services stands by this value “that healthy and sustainable communities are built, not found. We also believe that everyone deserves a safe place to call home.” Lisa Reinecke(Homeless Solutions Director) and the TrueNorth staff have internalized the value, living by it and other guiding principles for over 50 years.  Starting in a single Michigan county, TrueNorth has expanded across Michigan delivering 80 programs and services including housing, financial literacy, and after school programs.


Passion Project

Lisa and the TrueNorth team are excited about becoming a housing assessment and resource agency for Muskegon County.  By expanding services to Muskegon, they bring knowledge and expertise that are otherwise unavailable.  Partnering with another homeless service agency, TrueNorth helps those who may be isolated in the Manistee Forest by identifying their needs.



Being a MCAH member, TrueNorth has high regards for MCAH’s inclusion of all voices, allowing them to have a rural voice.  They appreciate the values that are lived and being a partner in the advocacy work.  The volumes of training offered through MCAH allows staff to be relevant and current.  Last, being a MCAH member, TrueNorth is connected to AmeriCorps VISTA.


Future Collaborations

“We cannot provide best services alone”, says Lisa, as her team finds it is best policy to adapt what other agencies are doing well and to share TrueNorth’s best practices.  The team continuously networks and seeks relationships with other HARA organizations.  Lisa adds, “We are passionate about ending homelessness!”


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