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Agency Overview

MCREST, also known as Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team, has proudly served the Macomb County homeless for over 35 years.  The agency began as a rotating day center for individuals experiencing homelessness in the 1980’s.  Now, MCREST has a primary location that shelters women and children.  As the agency facilitates a rapid rehousing program, their next goal is to develop a stand alone men’s shelter by next year.  The goal is to increase capacity for shelter.


Passion Project

The MCREST team is excited to add a component that allows individuals to bring their pets.  As shelter manager, Heather VanDenburg, explained that adding an animal shelter will allow individuals to take care of their pets before moving on to the next shelter program.  Heather and the MCREST team understand that the homeless are practically giving up everything and their pets are part of their family.  Being an animal lover themselves increases their compassion for the homeless.



MCREST became a MCAH member recently, as they are familiar with MCAH and team member Lisa Chapman.  MCAH’s training sessions are mainly what drew in MCREST to become a member.  Also, the opportunity to network with affiliated organizations is a bonus.


Future Collaborations

MCREST understands the importance of behavioral and mental health services, though realizes these services are lacking in their program.  The team’s hope is to collaborate with Easterseals, an advocate of the disability community.  By partnering with them, MCREST can access life-changing services that otherwise can take months to access. 


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  1. Nicolaus John Alongi

    Hi my name is Nicolaus. I was evicted from my residence January 1st 2023. Since then we have been in hotel rooms and trying to make it by. Me and my 4-year-old daughter and my living partner do not know what we are going to do Wednesday February 7th is the day we have to check out and don’t have any idea of what we’re doing, I am writing to ask for help.
    Nicolaus 4-16-1991
    AMARIA 1-31-2020

    • Nicolaus Alongi



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