December 18, 2023 | 1:00 PM

Incorporating those with Lived Experience of Homelessness & Using Research Based Solutions to Assess Interim Housing (Emergency Shelter) Programs


Course Overview

This webinar will address the creation of intra-agency housing programs running in conjunction with funder-based programming and the use of Housing First, functional engagement, quality case management, and program development in service provision.

Course Outcomes

Bolster organizational leader’s and practitioner’s ability to develop quality programming, help leaders and practitioners understand the role of case management/engagement in positive outcomes, identify gaps in research and use critical thinking and strategic planning to conduct regular evaluation to augment programmatic improvements.

What will participants walk away knowing?

Participants will walk away understanding linkages between case management and outcomes, the importance of the case manager in guiding the unhoused toward appropriate and needed resources and housing, why regular evaluation is important to their agency and programs, and how narrative data can provide valuable and actionable information and how use of these data can help produce program innovation and improvement.
Target Population for Audience*
Leaders of Michigan’s homeless response system, organizations providing interim housing (emergency shelter) programs, practitioners working directly with the unhoused, the unhoused, homeless advocates, and policy developers.