Nov 28, 2023 01:00 PM 


As the year winds down, and we look ahead, many employees find themselves assessing their current employment situation.  Whether it’s work life balance, excessive caseload,  flexible schedules, shift differential, remote work options, health care coverage, or relationships with colleagues, this list varies for each person.  However, it’s always a healthy exercise to assess.

This is where MCAH comes in….we would love to hear from Homeless Service Providers (HSP) on what they value from their employer and what precipitates them staying or leaving.

MCAH may share anonymous information with those in charge of hiring or use this data for cirriulum development for future training.
But, most importanly, we want to support staff on the front lines by better understanding their employment priorities.



Allison Green,

Manager of Partner Training, Support, and Engagement