Thursday, December 7, 2023

10:00 AM

$25 Non-members/Members free

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Course Overview

You would never leave for a trip without a map or perhaps a list of restaurants to serve as your guide for your final destination.  Why would you start the new year without a marketing plan and still expect to hit your annual goals? 

In this course you will first be asked several questions that are key to developing your marketing plan. Then you will conduct a simple inventory to see what tools and skill sets exist to execute that marketing plan.  Lastly, based on the prior two exercises, create a feasibly, implementable outline of a marketing plan for 2024.

MCAH is also in the process of procuring some guest speakers from the media (ie the role of press releases) and other subject matter experts.


Please Come Prepared!

Please be sure to have completed the registration questions via Zoom.  And, have a pen and paper ready as we will be dropping a lot of “poll” questions to help you evaluate your current program and make specific plans for your agency for 2024.  This is not a “sit back and listen” webinar (although all are welcome), but a “come caffeinated and ready to work” type workshop where you leave with a DRAFT work product to get you to where you want to go in 2024.

Speaker Bio

Amy Stephenon, MCAH Communications Manager


Target Population for Audience

Anyone who wants to learn about marketing, developing a marketing plan, or responsible for executing a marketing plan.