Monday, October 16, 2023

1:00 PM

Course Overview

Join us for training on understanding the dynamics of domestic violence. During this training we will process what domestic violence is, the basic tactics perpetrators of violence may use, the barriers to survivors face, and how to support survivors. We will talk through how to integrate principles of empathy, being survivor-centered, intersectional, and trauma-informed into all our work.

Participants will learn core principles such as being survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and intersectional. As well as be able to identify how empathy and reflective listening play a role in crisis response.

This training is designed to be applicable to multiple levels of skill and experience. Participants will be encouraged to engage in open and honest discussion with a mind toward survivor-centered and trauma-informed policies, intersectionality, positive change, and future-oriented thinking.

Speaker Bio

Sarah Prout Rennie, J.D.

Ms. Rennie was Blue Water Safe Horizons, Port Huron’s Executive Director, and served as Litigation Director for Lakeshore Legal Aid for 15 years. Sarah has been the Executive Director of MCEDSV for over eight years. Currently, she serves on the statewide housing policy council, the Detroit COC and is a statewide expert on coordinated entry and domestic and sexual violence. Sarah has also been a victims’ rights attorney for over twenty-five years and provides legal and practice support to MCEDSV’s nonprofit management project.

Target Population for Audience

This training is a gatekeeper training and therefor open to everyone including non-clinical people.

Speaker Bio

Michael Pyne has been a social worker since the mid-1980s when he worked at Pine Rest Psychiatric Hospital. He has been employed at HealthWest, Muskegon County’s Community Mental Health, since 2002. Michael moved into the Community Relations Department at HealthWest and has focused on customer service and community outreach and prevention. He has served as co-chaired the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Muskegon County, worked on legislation to improve suicide prevention, and founded the Regional Youth Suicide Prevention Alliance in West Michigan. That regional group would eventually meet up with another group, Kevin’s Song, to help form With One Voice. He has also been a trainer of Mental Health First Aid and spearheaded initiatives that saw thousands of people trained in Muskegon County and across the state. For several years he was one of only two QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) master trainers in Michigan. He has increased the number of master trainers of QPR to at least 11 which has led to many more QPR instructors being trained in this evidence-based program. He is a safeTALK instructor as well. He chairs the Zero Suicide/Suicide Safer Community at HealthWest in the hopes of reducing suicide deaths for those that HealthWest serves. Michael lives in Spring Lake, Michigan with his wife Sarah, their dog Cassius, and a tortoise named Red.