MCAH and Letter to the Governor

MCAH participated in the content development and prioritization of policy and budget requests in late 2022 that resulted in this letter to Governor Whitmer.  

The Michigan Interagency Council on Homelessness (MICH) serves in an advisory capacity for the executive branch on matters related to homeless response policy development. It is made up of representatives from state departments, the courts, and members of the general public who are striving to end homelessness in Michigan by collaborating to improve service delivery for people experiencing homelessness. 

The MICH members are appointed by the Governor and Michigan Homeless Policy Council (MHPC) is comprised of designees from various state agencies and members of the public (including MCAH executive Director Eric Hufnagel). Each year, the MICH and MHPC develop budget and policy requests to the Governor for funding and support consideration.

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