Meet Allison Green

What is your job title and a description of the work you do?

Manager of Partner Trainng, Support and Engagement. I plan and execute training opportunities for homeless service providers, oversee MCAH’s membership, attend local meetings to keep updated on issues and successes communities are having around housing and homeless services and work on committees for Michgan’s Campagin to End Homelessness.

How does your work help homeless people, or help more people become housed?

I provide training for those who are providing direct service to people who are precariously housed. I also help connect communities to resources they may need to keep their important work going.

Is there one project or achievement with MCAH that you are particularly proud?

I am proud of the fact that MCAH is able to offer twelve free high-quality trainings a year to homeless service providers.

Is there anything else you want to say or would want people to know?

 Prior to joining MCAH in August of 2020, I served as the Out-Wayne Continuum of Care Coordinator and spent more than a decade working a variety of roles for Wayne Metro Community Action Agency, both in hands-on and management roles. 

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