HUD’s Equal Access Rule in Practice

April 25th 9:30-12:30

General Info

This training will build upon previous sessions highlighting the importance of HUD’s Equal Access Rule when creating policies and practices that support safe visibility for LGBTQ+ persons navigating services. Through an in-depth and interactive review of HUD’s Equal Access Agency Assessment Tool, participants will gain a better understanding of their agencies’ strengths, as well as areas for growth, and will leave with action steps related to compliance with this Rule.

 Course Outcomes

  1. A better understanding The Equal Access Rule Assessment Tool and how to implement it at their sites to gauge areas that are currently in alignment with EGA recommendations as well as areas for growth.
  2.  The cultivation of interpersonal ideas for implementation of practices to increase safety for LGBTQ+ people, with an emphasis on transgender and non-binary people specifically.
  3.  An overview of policy and procedure ideas for agencies looking to increase safety with LGBTQ+ individuals. 





Instructor Info

Workshop is supported by the Ruth Ellis Center

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