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We are now approaching two years of this pandemic when many thought it was only going to be two weeks. The stress and toll this pandemic has taken on humanity is heavy. This session will help provide you with tangible tools to help you make your days a little lighter. You will learn several techniques that will help you to pause before / after meetings or whenever a stressful moment arrives, an essential tool to build relationships and the science behind mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety. 


Fitzgerald is the Founder of Mindset Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in helping leaders to become the best versions of themselves. Being a mindful leader can be especially important during a pandemic that has brought isolation, heightened anxiety and forced drastic adaptation.

The workshop will teach tangible tools to help sharpen leadership skills, delve into the neuroscience behind how mindfulness impacts the brain and provide advice on how to build strong relationships.

The workshop is for everyone from CEOs to entry level employees. Fitzgerald explained that all people are leaders, while some are tasked with guiding thousands of employees, we all are the leaders of ourselves.

The workshop will feature Fitzgerald speaking to all participants and breakout rooms for smaller interactive group activities. Participants are encouraged to come into the workshop with an open, kind and curious mindset.



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